The OSV Employment platform an essential recruitment tool for Outdoor Sports companies

The OSV employment platform was created in September 2011 to allow member companies to post job and internship listings for free. More than 100 OSV members have already taken advantage of the easy to use tool. Since its inception, more than 450 listings have been posted, which is the equivalent to one listing every two days. Regarding content, the listings are evenly split, 50% are job offers and 50% are for internships. With a wide range of skills in demand, potential candidates who use this tool are provided with an extremely precise view of the outdoor sports industry job market.

In addition, the platform provides OSV members with access to a database of more than 1200 CVs/resumes, all from individuals interested in working in the industry. The database allows companies to better target candidates who would like to further develop their career in outdoor sports.