Why recruit OSV students?


The curricula for the three OSV undergraduate and graduate programs are based on specific expectations expressed by companies in the industry to develop qualified talent, to shape future collaborators, co-workers, managers, and creative leaders, in a manner to ensure that there is no gap between the coursework delivered and company needs.

Each course is developed and taught by professionals from the outdoor sports industry.

In addition, each student benefits from individual support for their personal and professional development in order to build their career path.

Meet and recruit our students

As a company, you have several tools and opportunities to meet and recruit our students:

The OSV Internship Forum


The OSV internship forum is the opportunity for outdoor sports companies to speak with qualified graduates who are well trained and quickly operational in order to identify the profile that best fits their expectations and needs. Directors can come in person, send their Human Resources manager, or send the manager from the department in need. The forum is organized so that students have 10 to 15 minute discussions with each company.

This forum takes place in Annecy at the end of November.
View photos of the OSV internship forum here .

If you have an interest in this forum, feel free to contact anne(a)outdoorsportsvalley.org for more information.


Student CV Book

To learn more about OSV student profiles, the CV Books for each program are available:

  • Msc Sports Industry Management (SIM)

+ 2015-2016 CV Book
+ 2014-2015 CVBook
+ 2013-2014 CVBook
+ 2012-2013 CVBook

  • Bachelor Performance Sports Textiles & Footwear (PSTF)

+ 2015-2016 CV Book
+ 2014-2015 CVBook
+ 2013-2014 CVBook
+ 2012-2013 CVBook

  • Bachelor International Sales Specialists in Sports (I3S)

+ 2015-2016 CV Book
+ 2014-2015 CVBook


The OSV employment platform

If you want an OSV student to become part of your team, you can upload your offer on to the OSV employment platform.  Since its launch two years ago, more than 600 job and internship offers have been published, representing 1 offer every 2 days! This platform also has 10,000 unique visits per month and is free to use for OSV members.


EMLYON opportunities

As part of their academic program, students in the MSc in Sports Industry Management will work on a consulting project from April to July during their time at the Shanghai (China) campus. This is your chance to work directly with them as well as to solve a key business issue within your company.


IUT Annecy opportunities

Students within both the Bachelor’s in International Sales Specialists in Sports and Performance Sports Textile & Footwear will work on a project in partnership with outdoor sports companies in order to solve a key issue for the industry. It may be your chance to identify the profile that best suits your company for a future hire.