Why choose these programs?

The growing number of companies in the outdoor sports industry has increased the need for skilled individuals in sales, management, and product development. OSV’s answer to this need was to create education programs allowing outdoor sports companies to recruit qualified graduates who are well trained, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and quickly operational.


  • Benefit from an academic program built entirely by companies from the outdoor sports industry,
  • Enjoy classes taught  by professionals from the outdoor sports industry,
  • Build your own sports industry network by working closely with OSV,
  • Gain professional experience in this highly competitive and international industry, specifically through internships and professional trade shows such as ISPO,
  • Participate in projects conducted in partnership with outdoor sports companies.

MSc Sports Industry Management


The goal of this graduate program is to train future executives and managers in the outdoor sports industry. You will have the opportunity to match your skills with your passion for sports.
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Bachelor Performance Sports Textile & Footwear


The goal of this program is to train future highly skilled technicians in the areas of apparel, footwear, bags, and textile accessories in order  to succeed in the highly coveted and competitive market of the outdoor sports industry.
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Bachelor International Sales Specialists in Sports


The goal of this education program is to train future international sales representatives and managers to master applied sales techniques in the outdoor sports industry and to gain an in-depth understanding of the international business environment.
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