Gaylord Pedretti is thrilled to mentor our three Bachelor’s programs!


Students from the PSTF, I3S, and SDC Bachelor’s programs enjoyed meeting with this year’s mentor, Gaylord Pedretti.


During a one-hour “tell all,” Gaylord took the time to talk in detail about his fascinating life and career.

He explained his background, from school to choosing a profession, to then starting a business; his journey has been filled with dreams, doubts, and incredible friendships. The underlying message was loud and clear:

Live your dreams!


The PSTF, I3S, and SDC Bachelor’s programs:

OSV, in partnership with Université Savoie Mont Blanc’s IUT Annecy Technical Institute, established, starting in 2012, specialized Bachelor’s programs to address the specific needs of the outdoor sports industry in order to face an ever-changing market.  Each program includes 6 months of intense coursework and then a 4 to 6 month internship. In these programs, students are taught and trained by professionals from the industry. All lectures and coursework are 100% in English!

The goal of these 3 programs is to train future product managers, international sales managers, and go-to-market specialists.


About Gaylord Pedretti:

Born in the mountains, Gaylord quickly developed an interest in both skiing and theater.

These two passions undoubtedly influenced his choice to embark on a career organizing spectacular events in the world of snow sports.

Entrepreneur and self-taught, he created Like That, an agency that organizes such high-profile events in France as the High Five Festival and the Rock On Snowboard Tour.

For more information on Like That, click here!