Make the most out of an executive course program

These courses will provide people the chance to fast-track their career in the sports industry by developing key new skills. EMLYON Business School and IUT Annecy strive to provide every student with a truly meaningful learning experience and an international learning environment. Students will work with other passionate professionals to find creative solutions to tomorrow’s outdoor industry challenges.

Available courses

You have the opportunity to enroll in one or several courses throughout the academic year in order to acquire the specific skills you need to face the markets latest challenges.

> Sustainable development in the sports industry

    September – December: 18 hours  

> R&D product innovation in sports

   September – December: 20 hours

> Textile basics

   September – December: 40 hours

> Textile uses

   September – February: 40 hours

> Footwear

   September – December: 30 hours

> Sports and consumer behavior

   September – December: 20 hours

> Techniques in international trade

   September – December: 24 hours

> Human resources & sales team management

   January – February: 20 hours

How to enroll in the executive course program

Both OSV Bachelor’s programs through IUT Annecy -  Performance Sports Textile & Footwear and International Sales Specialists in Sports - are open to professionals via a number of continuing professional education credit options (VAP/ CIF/DIF in France) who are already working in the sports industry and looking to further specialize.

The executive courses department overseesthe application process. Contact them via email:

Course fees will depend on the individual’s employment status and their company's financial support.