Applicant profile

Choosing the right applicant is more than merely selecting high test scores. Background, experience, and motivation are all weighed during the selection process. The program seeks to welcome student from different horizons. With at least a two-year degree in sales or marketing, you already have business acumen, an international outlook, and a good understanding of the outdoor sports industry. You also possess experience and a passion for one or more outdoor sports. You should be a highly-proficient English speaker since all coursework is in English.

The Application & Selection Process

> Step 1:

First apply online through the IUT Annecy website where you will be asked to provide test scores supporting documentation. You also need to provide a cover letter, a resume, 1 photo, and a copy of your passport. Registration is open from January to June.

> Step 2:

The selected applicants will be interviewed face-to-face of via video conference.


Admission requirements are the following:

-  2 years of university level coursework (equal to 120 ECTS)

- High-level proficiency in English (CECR level B2)